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How You Can Make a Change with Art

Art will be a driving force to keep the peace or insight outrage. I Have yet to have any clients follow through but some have noted their interest in a political piece of art in light of the tragic events that are happening. Many may not read an entire book on your true feelings, some many not read this entire post. However, once you see a photo once it's in your mind. The power

is undeniable and without thinking one would need to take a second look to verify.

If you contact me with the need for photos with meaning to do your part, contact me. We can do what we can but we must do. Lets not forget, make sure our kids do not forget and know that their parents was involved.

Other things you can do is write your feelings to local publications in the letter to the editor section to voice the true feelings of the people. Writing thoughtful words will begin to force people to start talking about what was placed under the rug for many years.

March. March for the first victim and the last, march for the next victim. I am a business man but I am also a black man who's not bullet proof. A business can go under and restart again, a life cannot fade and return. Life must be protected and respected. It may seen unprofessional to speak on this as a person but it's inhuman to ignore this for fear of hurting sells.

Something That I always say:

The love of my people will never age or fade.

This was me at my first march.

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